Zygenx Male Enhancement – SCAM or REAL? Must Read Before Try

Zygenx is a male enhancement supplement that is extremely popular in the marketplace. Everyone wants to try it, but no one wants to spend their money on it without knowing it works. Check out this review to learn what we think about Zygenx and see why it’s at the very bottom of our list of the Top 10 Male Enhancers.

The Potential Benefits of Zygenx

  • Sex drive may be increased
  • Erection quality can be improved
  • May experience increase in strength and stamina
  • Testosterone levels can be boosted

How Does Zygenx Work?

Zygenx works through the use of natural and herbal ingredients that can lead to a wide array of benefits upon ingestion. Many of these benefits result form the affect the ingredients can have on the user’s testosterone levels. A testosterone boost can lead to better strength, stamina, desire for sex, and many other benefits.

Other ingredients work through boosting your libido, or your sex drive, which can make you more interested in sex more often. An increased libido could lead to more frequent visits to the bedroom and could also make those visits last much longer and become much more enjoyable for both parties.

The last way the formula works is through helping to optimize blood flow and in turn, nutrient delivery. The optimization of blood flow can lead more easily attainable erections that are also of better quality and last longer. The reason men often have trouble attaining erections is the inability of blood to efficiently get to where it needs to be.

Through increased blood flow, boosted testosterone levels, and improved libido, male enhancement pills can be extremely beneficial. However, we don’t think Zygenx is the best choice and would recommend you check out our other male enhancement reviews to see what supplements we rank higher than Zygenx.

Zygenx Ingredients – What Makes It Work?

D Aspartic Acid

D Aspartic Acid is perhaps our all time favorite testosterone boosting ingredient, next to Zinc (Zygenx also contains Zinc). This is an ingredient you will find in just about any top notch testosterone booster because of how much clinical evidence is out there regarding the effect it has on men with low testosterone.


Zinc is one of the oldest and potentially most reliable testosterone boosters around. If you’re looking for a supplement that can help promote increased testosterone levels, you need to make sure you see Zinc on the label. Zinc can be excellent for male enhancement as well as simple testosterone boosting. 15 MG per serving (such as in Zygenx) is a pretty low dosage comparatively speaking, but it should still help.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus is the third primary testosterone booster in Zygenx next to D Aspartic Acid and Zinc. These three natural ingredients make for an excellent combination that is likely to have a major effect on testosterone levels. Remember where your sex drive and energy levels were at in your twenties? Well, lets just say this combination could really refresh your memory.

Mucuna Pruriens & Maca Root

These are your libido boosters. They have benefits in terms of your testosterone levels as well, but they primarily function as increasers of libido. If you’re serious about getting your sex drive back, you need a supplement that contains at least one of these.

Arginine Ethyl Ester

Serving primarily as a nitric oxide booster in most supplements, Arginine is what is responsible for helping to optimize your blood flow. Its function in the context of a male enhancement supplement is related to erection achievement and quality.


Nicotinic acid can really help with the expansion of bloodstream and blood vessels, especially when used in combination with arginine, as in the case of Zygenx. Nicotinic acid can be useful for those who seek to optimize blood flow is very useful as a person who is interested in improving people, believing me … you want to do everything that you can maximize blood circulation.

Nicotinic acid often leads to the so-called “niacin”, which is essentially a warm feeling that you feel after taking a short time. You may feel a little avant-garde, interesting for a minute, but that feeling soon disappeared.

Zygenx side effects

Side effects are less likely with such supplements, since all the ingredients are natural. In other words, Zygenx’s side effects may include mild side effects such as stomach discomfort, oily skin, acne and so on. Zygenx is unlikely to produce very serious side effects.


  • If even if there is, Zygenx’s side effects are minimal
  • It contains a clinical study of testosterone enhancers
  • It uses arginine to help improve blood flow
  • Including several sexual enhancers


It lacks some of the components we would like to see on the label

In the top 10, but at the bottom of the list

The conclusion of the Zygenx exam

Zygenx is an excellent male booster pills with many awesome ingredients and potential benefits. He is trying to be part of our top ten list, which is not an easy thing. Any additions on this list will be a good addition. That is, he is at the bottom of the list is a reason.

Although Zygenx has a lot of good things to say, we recommend that you choose the most advanced supplement from our top ten male enhancer list.

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